Wedding Planners Vs. Coordinators

WEDDING PLANNERS!  Ask most vendors about this profession and they might start foaming at the mouth telling you stories, they may just start using really vulgar language like I do.  Why you ask?  To become a “wedding planner” 90% of the market followed this path:  They helped their sister plan her wedding and “it was just so much fun” so they ordered biz cards and a $20 website and there ya have it!  If there is one vendor you need to really, truly, dive deep into before hiring.  The planner is it!  If they are cheap?  Light your money on fire, it will be better spent heating you up on a cold night.  Good planning isn’t cheap!!!

My rant above aside, wedding planners can be a great hire to make your experience much less stressful!  Most brides really don’t need a planner as much as they do a coordinator.  Lets just break it down real quick:

Coordinator:  I would say 90% of our clients would be best served with a coordinator.  This person would typically meet with you 1-3 times during the planning process & then would handle the day-of-coordination.  During the planning they will go over things like your vendor selection, budget, timeline, and just keeping you on the right track.  Think of them as your personal trainer at the gym.  You’re still doing the workouts, they are making sure you do them right and don’t get hurt along the way!

Really on a budget?  We recommend at minimum having a day-of coordinator.  This person should have 1 meeting with you prior to the wedding, be at the venue walk-through/rehearsal and then handle the day-of affairs.  Some venues offer this service, some caterers include it.  One way or another, SOMEONE other than your mom/bridesmaids etc should be in charge the day of your wedding.  


Planners:  So a planner takes care of everything that a coordinator does for you and in addition they are typically the ones hiring vendors, reviewing contracts, helping with colors, dresses, accommodations, really taking your a-z wedding planning and breaking it down to “Here’s a few choices I’ve narrowed down for you, which do you like?” and then securing the contract etc.  You shouldn’t have to talk to vendors almost at all working with a planner.

How much or how little you want to plan your wedding is of course a personal decision for you to make.  If you are comfortable planning the wedding for the most part with guidance from a coordinator, this will be your most cost-effective option.  If you’re just too busy or wan’t all the work done, finding a great planner will do the trick!

Dobodo Events offers 3 packages of Coordination Services which you can view here.

Ryan Terry