Questions for your Liquor Store to buy your wedding stash from!

So you’re buying your own Beer/Wine/Liquor for your wedding?  Great choice! It’s a pretty straightforward choice to make but there are some things lots of our clients haven’t thought about before making a choice.

  1. Pick your venue first!  Some venues have closed vendor lists and will require a purchase from xyz liquor store.  If you have already decided on your liquor store or want to just bring it to the venue yourself, make sure this is a question you discuss with the venue.

  2. Refund Policy.  Most of the bigger liquor stores (A & B Level Stores) offer refund up to a certain percentage of your order for undamaged & unopened bottles/cases etc.  This is great so you can buy a little heavier than expected and avoid running out beverages!

  3. Delivery.  There are 2 ways this can work.  Some liquor stores offer free delivery (even pickup of the unused stuff depending on the venue)  some caterers or bartending services like Dobodo Events will handle the whole order, pickup & return for you.